Our member enterprises

We have several types of companies as members, but they are all public enterprises. While our members represent different trades, they are united by the fact that they deliver local services of general interest.

It is not always easy to compare various types of companies across national legislations. But we have translated the Norwegian terms into English to give you a rough idea. Here is a quick rundown of the types of companies that make up our members. All our members subscribe to our vision of corporate social responsibility.

Aksjeselskap (Public limited companies) 

Around 30 percent of our members are « aksjeselskap ». This stock-based type of company offers limited liability. There are no limitations on ownership, so the « aksjeselskap » that are our members can be owned by one, two or several municipalities together. They can also have a mix of municipal and private owners.

 « Aksjeselskap » can also be part of larger concerns (Deutsch: Konzern), an organisational model which can provide advantages such as efficiency and transparency. 

Interkommunale selskap (Intermunicipal companies)

Around 40 percent of our members are « interkommunale selskap ». These intermunicipal companies have limitations on ownership and their only proprietors can be municipalities. They also have unlimited liability.

The Norwegian law regulating these companies (« lov om interkommunale selskaper ») is currently being revised to make sure it complies with the EU legislation that Norway is bound by through The Agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA).

Kommunale foretak (Municipal enterprises)

A certain number of our members are « kommunale foretak ». These are not independent entities in a legal sense. Nor do they offer limited liability. But they do have a separate board and a managing director. As such, this type of enterprise can be an efficient way to organise municipal services.

Samvirkeforetak (Co-operatives)

Amongst our members we also have « samvirkeforetak ». (Deutsch: Genossenschaft) (Français: coopérative). These have members rather than owners. There are a number of « samvirkeforetak » in the energy sector, particularly in the case of local power grids.

Paragraf 27-selskap (Paragraph 27-companies)

Certain kinds of intermunicipal co-operation are institutionalised to such a degree that they constitute legally independent entities. This finds its legal basis in paragraph 27 of the Norwegian « kommuneloven ». We also have such companies as members.

Stiftelser (Foundations)

Amongst our members we also have a number of « stiftelser » (Deutsch: Stiftungen). This is a type of legal entity with neither owners nor members.